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This means:
You are allowed to take a total og 20kg of fish ort fish products with you upon leaving Norway. You must wait 7 days before taking an additionakl 20kg out of the country. Registered fish camps are obliged to report catches to the fisheries authorities. Each fishing trip and all catches, wether landed or released, are to be reported. You will receive information and a special form upon arrival at Nautnes Fiskevær AS. One form for each boat. The form is to be updated after each fishing trip and will be the basis for the signed reciept we issue for you to show in customs upon leaving Norway.

There are some regulations you have to follow when fishing in Norwegian waters:
  • Use han held tackles only
  • Do not fish protected spescies:
  • Protected all year:
  • Spiny dogfih, basking shark, solk shark, porbeagle, blue ling, lobster, bluefin tuna
  • Protected part of the year(see or ask your host):
  • Greenland halibut, halibut, lumpfish, redfish
  • Foloow regulation on minimum size of fish
  • It is illegal to sell your catch
  • Keep a distance of no less than 100 meters from fish farms when fishing.

For furter information please see the brochure "Meeresangeln in Norwegen" or visit